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Crime and the fear of crime have physical and psychological effects, for example whether people feel safe and in control in their communities.


The overall crime rate is higher in MK than the average across England. ‘Violence against the person’ is now the largest category of crime, with a higher incidence than the average for England. The severity of crimes committed is also increasing.


Crime decreased during the COVID-19 Pandemic, but this reversed since the easing of restrictions.

MK Act has seen demand for services more than double since 2016/17 when approximately 260 clients sought help, although the highest demand was during 2020/21 during lockdown when figures exceeded 800 requests, figures for 2021/22 have reduced slightly to just under 700 client requests for support.

There has been an increase in the reporting of hate crime, specifically offences with racial, disablist, and homophobic indicators over the last two years.

Knife crime and youth violence are areas of concern to MK citizens.

Research shows that these are often a symptom of complex issues around disadvantage and exclusion.

Safety in MK was raised as an issue in survey of young people (by Healthwatch MK 2019).

Young people wanted more facilities and youth clubs that were safe.

Vital Thinking

How can we encourage the development of 'safe' spaces for young people particularly those form the LGBTQ+ community?

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