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Vital Signs MK

11th Edition

Watch last year's Vital Signs launch:

What is Vital Signs?

Vital Signs is an annual publication designed to identify and spotlight issues facing the communities of Milton Keynes (MK).

This year marks the 10th edition, the first Vital Signs Report was published as a news sheet in 2013. We have taken the opportunity in this year’s report to review how MK has changed over the past years, identifying it’s strengths and the challenges we face.


The concept of ‘Vital Signs’ was pioneered by the Community Foundations of Canada.  The aim is to support local Community Foundations create fairer communities by using evidence-based data and insights into local needs. 

Vital Signs is produced by Milton Keynes Community Foundation, an independent charity with a mission to connect people with resources, skills and ideas to enrich lives, and to create positive growth for Milton Keynes.

We use this report to advise individuals, families, and businesses in their philanthropic aims. Enabling them to direct their giving to where it’s needed most and can make the most impact.

Over the last 10 years Milton Keynes Community Foundation has distributed over £9.8 million in grant funding and provided Voluntary, Community and Cultural Sector organisations with a further £8.6 million of rent subsidies.



Vital Signs focuses on 12 major themes and combines published data with observations from local community organisations to shed light on the lived experience in Milton Keynes.

The themes are aligned with the goals of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development blueprint. 

This is a call for countries to take actions to help reduce global poverty, reduce inequality, and at the same time tackle climate change.

There is thus a close alignment between these goals and those themes reported on in Vital Signs.

Our Value Statements


  • Fairness: We seek detailed understanding to make the right decisions
  • Assistance: We share our expertise and referrals for those who need advice
  • Inspiration: We communicate our unique proposition passionately and with hope
  • Reliability: We deliver what we say, when we say

Our Strategic Goal is to build a resilient, creative, inclusive and philanthropic community.