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Starting up a fund with MK Community Foundation is like setting up your own charitable foundation without the hassle, admin and other associated costs.

You can be involved as much as you like and choose the type of fund that best matches your vision and charitable interests.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated fund holder manager who will be able to support you in setting up your fund, keep you updated and also provide you with advice on the key issues of the community.

There are three different ways to set up your fund:


When you choose this option, we invest your initial and subsequent donations into an endowment fund and use the interest to distribute grants for years to come. This allows you to leave a lasting legacy in the community.


Your initial and any subsequent donations will be distributed in grant making until the fund is depleted.


This is a mixture of endowment and flowthrough. We invest part of your initial donation into an endowment and make part of it available for flowthrough grants. Any subsequent donations can also be divided between your endowment and flowthrough funds in any given financial year.

Whichever option you choose, starting a fund is the most effective and sustainable way to support your community and direct your giving aligned with your wishes.

To discuss setting up a fund please contact the philanthropy team using the form below.

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