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About us

At MK Community Foundation we’re driven by our ethos of Funding Fairness.

Who is MK Community Foundation?

MK Community Foundation is a grant-making charity sending funding where it's needed most in Milton Keynes.

We’re dedicated to making a difference and improving the lives of people within the local community by funding a diverse range of projects.

But we can’t do this alone.

We rely on your donations, kindness and generosity so that we can continue to fund fairness across Milton Keynes.

We're on a mission for a fairer community.

Our Values:


  • Fairness: We seek detailed understanding to make the right decisions
  • Assistance: We share our expertise and referrals for those who need advice
  • Inspiration: We communicate our unique proposition passionately and with hope
  • Reliability: We deliver what we say, when we say

Our Strategic Goal is to build a resilient, creative, inclusive and philanthropic community.

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