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MK Literary Festival Sparks Creativity and Confidence

Who are Arts Gateway MK and what do they do?

Arts Gateway MK is a driving force of creativity and cultural enrichment in Milton Keynes, dedicated to making a positive impact on the city's arts scene and its diverse communities. At their core, they’re committed to nurturing creativity and supporting the cultural infrastructure of Milton Keynes in every way possible.

Arts Gateway MK delivers a diverse range of creative programs across multiple locations, engaging with an ever-widening network of collaborating partners.

What support did Arts Gateway MK need?

Arts Gateway were awarded a £9,675 Community Grant to empower young people who have a keen interest in the literary arts but lack the opportunities to explore their potential. By focusing on this demographic, they aimed to inspire their involvement in future MK Literary Festivals, both as volunteers and as budding creatives.

Through recent consultations with young people, they identified a strong appetite for discovering careers in writing and publishing, along with a desire to develop skills through volunteering. The funding enabled them to pay local artists to lead the workshops, supporting their creative careers and offering them professional experience within Milton Keynes.

Freewriting Workshop

Zine Making

Set Building

What difference did the grant make?

It transformed the group and the local community by facilitating a diverse range of creative literary-focused arts activities for young people. It not only offered an avenue for self-expression but also raised awareness and provided a platform for local artists to showcase their talents.

By encouraging alternative pathways into arts careers, such as part-time, volunteer work, and freelance opportunities, the project has broadened horizons and made artistic pursuits more accessible. One of the achievements of the grant was its emphasis on diversity and inclusion, highlighting local artists from various backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ communities, and those with disabilities.

One workshop participant said:

"I loved attending the sessions, it really built my confidence in both a creative environment and social interactions with other creative kids in my age group. It also gave me helpful insight into the world of literature and art and was incredibly informative on how to pursue both a career and a passionate interest in the arts."

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