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Curly Tails' Therapy Program Enhances Wellbeing

Who are Curly Tails and what do they do?

Founded 15 years ago, Curly Tails rescues unwanted pet pigs, providing them with a safe and loving home. They have a mission to provide education, learning, and wellbeing initiatives, offering porcine-assisted therapy and learning experiences to individuals of all ages.

Through their unique approach, they not only rehabilitate and rehome pigs that have been mistreated or neglected but also foster empathy, self-worth, and knowledge in their human visitors. Their sanctuary is a peaceful retreat often dubbed the "Happy Place" by visitors.

They welcome schools, community groups, individuals with additional needs, and more, offering experiences and educational opportunities that promote understanding and compassion for these highly intelligent animals.

What support did Curly Tails need?

Curly Tails needed support to expand and enhance their successful program of porcine-assisted therapy and learning. The aim was to deepen the relationship between humans and animals, creating mutual well-being and enrichment.

With the funding, they intended to broaden their reach and impact, teaching compassion and kindness through meaningful interactions with their resident pigs. They wanted to create even more opportunities for individuals to experience the brilliance of animal-assisted therapy, ultimately improving the lives of both humans and pigs alike.

What difference did the grant make?

The £7,220 Community Grant helped them to amplify their impact and extend their reach within both the local and wider community. They’ve been able to expand their programs and initiatives and the positive effects of the sanctuary rippled outward, influencing not only those who physically visited but also their wider community circles.

Through their outreach efforts, they’ve touched the lives of countless young people, from school groups to nurture groups, providing enrichment sessions and one-on-one support for those with specific diagnoses. Thanks to the funding, they’ve been able to increase their capacity, accommodating more groups, students, and individuals from SEN establishments.

One mum said:

"We had such a lovely time. I can’t wait to come back! Thank you for helping Freya to gain confidence – it’s been so good for her."

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