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The Carole Baume Award

Carole Baume was a well-respected member of the Milton Keynes Community Foundation trustee board, and she always championed the voluntary sector.

The Carole Baume award aims to recognise three organisations or charities in Milton Keynes that inspire and have achieved greatly in the last 12 months.

How to apply:


Stage 1: Introductory 500-character application which will be reviewed by Milton Keynes Community Foundation.


Stage 2: Successful applicants will then e-invited to submit a more detailed application.

Stage 1

Consider the 3 categories and criteria below and in no more than 500 words, please tell us why your organisation should be considered and briefly how it meets.

Category 1 - Best innovative project

This award recognises a community-driven initiative that demonstrates outstanding creativity, effectiveness, and commitment in addressing local challenges.

This distinction is awarded to projects that not only demonstrate a high level of innovation in their approach but also exhibit a measurable and positive impact on the community.

These projects go beyond conventional solutions, embracing new ideas, technologies, and strategies to address societal needs.

Describe the key aspects that make your project truly innovative. Please elaborate on any unique approaches, technologies, or strategies employed that set your project apart.


Category 2 - Inclusive organisation

This award recognises an organisation that excels in fostering an environment where diversity is not only recognised but celebrated and integrated into all aspects of its operations. Such an organisation demonstrates a genuine commitment to inclusivity by not only terms of race, gender, ethnicity, age, abilities, and other characteristics.

The best inclusive organisation ensures equal opportunities, values unique perspectives, and creates a culture where every individual feels welcomed, respected, and empowered to contribute their best.

Demonstrate the inclusive practices, policies, and initiatives implemented by your organisation to make it an inclusive one.


Category 3 - Special recognition for the most collaborative project

This special recognition award is an acknowledgment for a project that stands out for its exceptional commitment to collaboration and partnership. This recognition highlights a project that goes beyond individual efforts, actively engaging and working harmoniously with diverse stakeholders, which could include community members, businesses, government entities, and other organisations.

This distinction celebrates the power of collaboration as a driving force for positive change, emphasising the project's impact in uniting different entities toward a common purpose and enhancing the overall effectiveness of collaborative efforts.

Describe the collaborative nature of your project, highlighting specific instances where diverse stakeholders were actively engaged.


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