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Supporting Accessible Periods Through a Cost of Living Crisis

Cost of Living Grant - Girl Pack


Girl Pack, a volunteer-led charity, has experienced rapid growth in the past 18 months, responding to increased demand for their 'Accessible Periods for All' initiative.

The organisation focuses on providing period care to girls and other menstruators in Milton Keynes, ensuring accessibility and support.

Recently, we awarded Girl Pack with a £10,000 Cost of Living grant to help sustain and expand its vital services.


Girl Pack

Rapid Growth in 18 Months

In 2022, Girl Pack successfully delivered 4,021 period packs, and they are projected to achieve an impressive 9,100 deliveries in the current year.

The charity collaborates with 115 partners, with 40 new partners added in 2023, highlighting the expanding network, reach, and demand of their services.

Girl Pack goes beyond period packs, offering a variety of period products, including pads, tampons, liners, maxi pads, and incontinence pads.

In 2023 alone, they have provided over 6,000 packets of these essential products.

Impact of the Cost of Living Grant

The £10,000 Cost of Living Grant awarded to Girl Pack came at a crucial moment. The organisation has witnessed an exponential increase in demand for its services, delivering over 7,000 period packs in 9 months to over 100 partners across Milton Keynes. In September alone, 1,225 packs were distributed.

Jenny from Girl Pack told us:

“We were in a really tight spot trying to support over 100 partners and their community with very little coming in to replace what was going out.  We were told about the cost-of-living fund by MK Food Bank, so we applied.”

The grant will provide stability during the winter months, allowing Girl Pack to purchase necessary items for their projects while seeking additional funding for the upcoming year.

“This grant means that we will be able to take on new partners, in new areas of Milton Keynes as yet unserved by our projects as well as support our existing partners.”

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