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MK Snap

Thanks to our MK Community Foundation grant, MK Snap supported many adults with learning disabilities so they could stay connected and avoid isolation during the pandemic...

Who are MK SNAP and what do they do?

It’s so important to identify the skills, talents and the interests of an individual so they can be the best they can be, living rich and rewarding lives. MK SNAP is a local charity specialising in person-centred education, life skills, work preparation and opportunities for work to adults with learning difficulties. Their work ensures better opportunities, choice and quality of life for its service users.

What support did MK SNAP need?

Lockdown saw everyone face a loss of routine, but the impact on those needing MK SNAP’s support was devastating. Adults had lost their access to learning and skill-building services and the support they relied on had disappeared in the way they knew it. Add to that isolation and a loss of social interaction with their friends, peers and families and MK SNAP knew they needed to invest in technology to reach their learners remotely.

What difference did our MK Community Foundation grant make?

MK SNAP created the Re-Connect and Wellbeing Project which allowed them to set up an online learning, education and social connection programme. They hosted two sessions a day on zoom, five days a week covering art, music, life-skills, quizzes, and social time and funded devices for Learners who had no access to equipment or the internet. It was a new way of communicating with a steep learning curve, but as word spread that everyone could connect with their friends, more and more people joined in.

Help us support more causes like MK SNAP…

Our mission is to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of those who live in our community. We do that by giving grants to the charities working on the ground, the charities that work hard to make change happen.  To see how you could help us to have an even greater impact in our community, take a look at our website.

What do real people say?

“Tracey’s confidence and skill have flourished thanks to this project. Her responsibility and involvement have seen her confidence shine through with her ideas, attention to detail and development of skills in contributing ideas, designs, stock control, and customer service.”

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