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Coffee Hall Community Café Promotes Nostalgia and Mental Wellbeing

Who are the Friends of the Community Café and what do they do?

Friends of the Community Café is a tight-knit community group based in Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes. Their goal is simple – to provide a space where everyone, regardless of age, can mingle, form connections, and feel secure. But they go beyond just socialising. They’re all about making experiences accessible.

They organise and fund outings for café regulars who might otherwise miss out due to financial constraints. By traveling as a group, they not only cut costs but also break down barriers, bringing together people with similar interests who might not otherwise have crossed paths.

What support did the Friends of the Community Café need?

In Coffee Hall and the nearby area of Woughton, many people face mobility issues, are elderly, and live on tight budgets. Planning and affording a day out can feel like an impossible task for them. The Friends of the Community Café wanted to tackle this head on to give these people the opportunity to step beyond their usual boundaries, experience new things, and create memories together. They needed financial support to plan a memorable trip for their regular visitors to the café.

What difference did the grant make?

The £1000 Small Grant has had a really positive impact on the local community it serves. While dwelling excessively on the past is often discouraged for its negative impact on mental health, reminiscing and indulging in a bit of nostalgia can actually be quite beneficial. Research shows that it can boost overall well-being, especially for those dealing with depression and anxiety.

This trip provided a welcome escape from the routine for local residents, offering them a chance to relive cherished memories and momentarily step away from the pressures of daily life.

One café visitor said:

"This trip has brought up some old memories and created new ones. The new 1950’s street was particularly relevant to me since this reminded me of my childhood during that time. I am thoroughly looking forward to the further expansion of the 1950’s street."

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