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Bucks Search and Rescue

Thanks to our MK Community Foundation grant, Bucks search and rescue were able to recertify four first responders when they were needed most...

Who are Bucks Search and Rescue and what do they do?

When somebody goes missing, relatives desperately need hope and a service they can trust. As one of the hidden emergency services, Bucks Search and Rescue provide exactly that. The team is a group of highly trained volunteers available 24/7, 365 days a year. In 2020 and 2021 they responded to community need to support the Bucks PPE Hub (South Bucks) and volunteered in all roles at vaccination centres right across the country.

What support did Bucks Search and Rescue need?

Relying entirely on donations, grants and income from events, funding dropped drastically during lockdown meaning even meeting the basic running costs were a tall order. There were also stricter restrictions introduced for ongoing projects such as the introduction of Search Drones in 2020, adding even further strain onto this valuable and essential emergency service.

What difference did our MK Community Foundation grant make?

The world may have stopped but search and rescue didn’t. As a professional volunteer organisation, Bucks Search and Rescue cleared the backlog of training urgently needed to remain operational, recertifying four of the team as first responders. They also purchased desperately needed kit and PPE which meant the service could continue running its valuable service in the community while keeping its volunteers safe.

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