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The Milton Keynes Youth Music Fund

Aim of the Fund

The fund will provide valuable funding for music projects making a difference in young people's lives across Milton Keynes.

Funding is available to organisations who are working to promote and support youth participation in music.


Groups and organisations working to support young people through musical projects may apply.

Your group/organisation must meet our standard eligibility criteria.

Projects considered must meet all of the following:

    • Projects that are inclusive
    • Project beneficiaries are under 21 years old. (at least 90%)
    • Projects that encourage musical participation in any genre or style through the creation of music.*
    • Projects that support group participation, not individuals.


* This does not include dance.

Grants available: up to £1500 *

Our Grants Policy is applicable to all grant programmes

Please take a moment to review our Grants Policy

If you have any questions regarding this fund or it's criteria then please contact Jake Geelan via e-mail at:

Ready to apply?