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Congratulations on being awarded a grant!

Grant Requirements

What happens once you are awarded a grant?

We believe that collaboration is key to ensure the success of the projects we all work on and being awarded a grant is a great opportunity to work together to raise awareness of the work your charity does and the grant making opportunities we offer. MKCF will promote your activities via our main channels of communication with our supporters and your charity or group will acknowledge the support we provide. We also outline some effective ways of making your project more prominent and the steps you can take to navigate through this experience.

Telling people about your grant

By acknowledging MK Community Foundation, you help us raise awareness about charitable giving, promote community initiatives and encourage more support and funding for projects like yours in the years to come.

MK Community Foundation will also promote your project through our social media, website and web letter.

When promoting your project, it is a requirement as detailed in your Grant Agreement to acknowledge MK Community Foundation’s support by using our logo, following our Brand Guidelines, and Acknowledgement Message:

  • On your website
  • In press coverage
  • In print materials
  • On social media

The Acknowledgement Message should read: "This work has been supported by funding from MK Community Foundation"

Marketing Your Project

Effective marketing and promotion can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project. The first thing you will need is a flier or poster describing your event or project and inviting members of the community to come along and participate. It is best if you can create one that you can distribute digitally, via email or by posting on a website or social network site (like Facebook or Twitter). There are also a number of local internet 'gateways' that are useful for distributing information around the voluntary and charitable sector in MK, such as Community Action: MK, Destination MK and MK Web.

Grant Impact Evaluation

Good reporting, case studies, testimonials and photos are vital for the Community Foundation to be able to spread the word and encourage our donors to keep on supporting the amazing projects benefitting people across Milton Keynes.

A successful project should be monitored as it is being delivered - take a look at our top tips to help you plan and gather information:

Take Time to plan how you’ll monitor and evaluate your project. Think about what you want to achieve and what you need to collect to show your achievements.

Make it one person's responsibility from the beginning to co-ordinate the collection of this information.

Be Creative - monitoring doesn’t have to be dull, you can use a range of things to get the views of those who took part: it can be pictures, diaries, videos clips, post it notes on feedback boards, group discussions, questionnaires and noting down the things people say to you.

Money - keep receipts to show how you spent your grant. Don’t pay for things without getting a receipt.

Project Completion - at this stage look at the information you have collected and think about what it tells you about your project and any lessons you have learned about what worked and what could be improved.

The Future - what does this information tell you about what you should do next? For example, it might be to develop this project further, start a new activity or to form a new partnership.

The best way to judge whether your efforts have been successful is to collect information as you go, from the people who participate. The information you collect will be requested by the Community Foundation as part of your 'Grant Impact Evaluation.' This evidence should also be recorded because it can be used to help your organisation to secure additional funds later on, as you will be able to present them to demonstrate that you have the experience and skill to run a successful and effective project. Plus, it is very important to collect stories of people's experiences of your projects - why did they seek them out, what did they think of the project or event, what kind of difference has or will it make to them in their lives?

Grant Impact Evaluation Form

You can view and download our Grant Impact Evaluation Form here.

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