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Many businesses want to give back to the community where they live and work, but may not know where to start.

MK Community Foundation Lies at the Heart of the City

As giving experts, we help to send funding to where it’s needed most.

From new town to sprawling city, the Foundation has grown with Milton Keynes over the last 37 years, and we know this thriving city inside and out.

We can help you to give with confidence knowing your support will make a real difference to some of the most vulnerable in Milton Keynes.

Vital Signs MK ©

Every year, we release our annual Vital Signs publication.

This report examines the health of Milton Keynes through key ‘vital signs’, such as poverty, disadvantage and education.

This report is used by key influencers throughout the city to better understand the issues faced in Milton Keynes and is used to ensure your support is delivered to where it’s truly needed.

How MK Community Foundation Makes Giving Simple for You


  • We meet with your team to understand your values and vision for charitable giving, ensuring your funding is targeted to the issues that matter most to you and your employees.

  • We make it easy for you to give by undertaking all the administration of your fund, carrying out all the due diligence to ensure your funds are distributed in a fair and safe way.

  • We manage and monitor the distribution of grants reporting back on the projects and impact that your funding has made over the year, enabling you to share this with your stakeholders and employees.

  • As we are a registered charity you can donate efficiently when you give through us.

Ways to Give Through the Foundation

We offer various ways for you to give, enabling you to support the causes you care about locally.

Whether you are looking for short term impact or more of a longer-term legacy our funding programmes can support your local giving.

Looking for Immediate Impact?

Looking for a long-term legacy?

Looking for a combination of both?

Why Start a Fund With Milton Keynes Community Foundation?

Milton Keynes Community Foundation has unrivalled knowledge, networks and expertise in how to make the most impact with your giving in the city.

There are hundreds of community groups carrying out life-changing work in Milton Keynes every day and it’s our job to send your giving directly to the heart of these groups.​

We can guide businesses and individuals in their support of the communities of Milton Keynes, saving you time while ensuring funding fairness across the city. ​

Let us help you give with confidence.

"It's a commitment to the city in which we live and work."

Flow-through fund



Being Milton Keynes residents for almost 20 years and running our business from MK, we wanted to give something back to the community that we love.

Choosing to set up a Named Fund with MK Community Foundation was the right decision for us as the funds are distributed to appropriate deserving local charities after due diligence, giving us the confidence that it's being used for a worthy cause.


MK Community Foundation are proactive in keeping us updated on the allocation of funds and how they are being used to help vulnerable people across Milton Keynes.

Endowment Fund

David Locke Associates


We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a home in a healthy, safe and thriving place. MK Community Foundations work through our fund allows that to happen.

The fund is a commitment to the city in which we live and work, and it shows to our employees and amongst ourselves that it’s a firm commitment that we all benefit from. It’s not just those that benefit from the money but for the wider society in Milton Keynes.

So, by funding in the long term and providing opportunities for charities to help disadvantaged people within the city, we all benefit.

Hybrid Fund

Volkswagen Group UK


Volkswagen Group UK are proud supporters of the Milton Keynes Community Foundation. Having joined as business members over 30 years ago we deeply appreciate the very valuable work they are doing throughout the community of Milton Keynes where both we, and many of our employees, are proud citizens.

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