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Capacity Building Programme

What is the Capacity Building Programme?

The capacity building programme aims to support the VCCS to ensure it is a robust sector. The programme focuses on the Voluntary, Community and Cultural Sector focused training and development, trustee recruitment and corporate sector volunteering support.

We also offer trustee and skills match programmes, matching individuals who would like to donate their time and skills to the community groups that need them the most.

"Volunteering comes in many forms"

Meet Radhika Srinivasan, one of our dedicated Trustees who embraced the opportunity to volunteer her professional skills through our Capacity Building programme.

"It's a nice way to give that knowledge back to the community"

Meet Jerry Taylor, M.D at WSA - The Communications Agency 
Jerry volunteered his time and expertise through our Capacity Building programme, creating and delivering two business planning workshops to support the Milton Keynes Voluntary Sector.

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