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Can we help your charity or community group?


We award a range of grants to charities and community groups that help to make a positive impact in Milton Keynes and benefit local people. 

You can now apply online for our main programmes, using our online application forms

Both your group and your project must be eligible to apply. Read more about our eligibility criteria here. If you want to talk about your project before applying, or have any questions about the application process, please call the Programmes Team on 01908 690276.

We have three main Grant Programmes that run throughout the year:

Micro Grants up to £200 (Deadline Ongoing -Two week turnaround)

Small Grants up to 1,500 (Deadline on the last working Friday of each month 4.30pm- turnaround 2-3 week from the date of deadline)

Community Grants up to £5,000 (Deadlines - 9th March 4.30pm, 4th May 4.30pm, 3rd August 4.30pm, 2018- turnaround 7-8 week from the date of deadline)

Extra Grant Programmes for exceptional circumstances 

Grants Over £5,000:

Extraordinary Grants
Our Extraordinary Grant programme runs occasionally throughout the year on a rolling deadline, and is for one-off projects, making a significant difference to the lives of people within Milton Keynes. 

Large Strategic Grants
Our Large Strategic Grant programme runs once a year, and is for large multi-year strategic projects that will make a significant difference to the organisation and the local community. Expressions of Interest for Large Strategic Grants are due on July 14th for your project to be considered this year.

To find out more about the criteria, check your eligibility below and choose grants over £5,000 from the drop down menu.

Click on the 'Are you Eligible to Apply?' link below to confirm your eligibility and start your application!

Are you Eligible to Apply?

Confirm your eligibility and get started on your application

Are you eligible to apply?

Why contribute to MK Community Foundation?

Deep knowledge

30 years' supporting MK charities and people gives up a deep understanding of local needs and opportunities.

Trusted experience

MK Community Foundation provides sustainable support to local charities through our grant making expertise.

Positive growth

We enrich the lives of local people and create positive growth for Milton Keynes through our funding.

Connecting and growing our local community

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